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Note: Before you dismiss various things on this page as conspiracy theories and ridiculousness, I will refer you to this quote from Crowder: "...We do these things because we are quite nerdy and also because we hope to inject meaning wherever and whenever we are able." That's not to say that none of it is just speculation and theories, just that some of it is known to be intentional.

Easter Eggs


David Crowder* Band and The Digital Age always enjoyed hiding the number 7 and 3 + 4 = 7 in their albums, as the 7th day is the day of rest in the bible, and thus represents completion. 

  • On Illuminate, the number 403 is printed on the inside back cover; 4 + 0 + 3 = 7.
  • On The Lime CD, the sticker on the lime says "Certified PLU #3004", another 3 + 4 = 7.
  • A Collision, of course, is subtitled 3 + 4 = 7. 
  • The band's final tour was called The 7 Tour
  • The number of tracks on A Collision is 21, which is equal to 3 times 7.
  • On All I Can Say there is a hidden 34th track, and Give Us Rest has 34 tracks; again, 3 + 4 = 7.
  • David Crowder has stated at various times the meaning behind 3 + 4 = 7: "... we have been toying with the number 7 since we started this dc*b thing, the reason being – we have viewed art as this space where the human and the divine collide, “3” being representative of the divine, “4” being representative of the earthly."
  • The titles of the first 3 DC*B albums have 4 syllables, while the titles of the other 3 have 3 syllables. The was stated by Crowder in an interview to be intentional. This may also be in concordance with the albums being related, i.e., an album with 4 syllables plus an album with 3 makes 7.  TDA's first album, Evening:Morning, also has 4 syllables (if you pronounce Evening with 2 syllables), and Crowder's first album Neon Steeple does as well; it remains to be seen whether this is related or not.
  • Also, the phrases in the parenthesis on A Collision, Give Us Rest, and All This For A King i.e., (3 + 4 = 7),  (A Requiem Mass in C [The Happiest of All Keys]), and (The Essential Collection) each have seven syllables.  
  • There are 6 DC*B albums, the 6th being Give Us Rest. There is no 7th, as the 7th day is the day of rest.
  • Evening:Morning was released on 8/13/13, and 8 plus 13 plus 13 = 34 (3 plus 4 = 7); also 8 plus 1 plus 3 plus 1 plus 3 = 16 (1 plus 6 = 7)
  • Have you found any others? Contact me here, and I'll add them to the page.

You Alone

Pieces of the song You Alone were included as hidden tracks in the first three DCB albums: Can You Hear Us, Illuminate, and A Collision. On Can You Hear Us?, the last third was on a hidden 34th track after 20 5-second silent tracks. In the liner notes of Illuminate, at the bottom underneath the lyrics for Stars, or if you put the Illuminate disc into your computer, and go to the following location: [Disc drive, i.e., D:]/reason/readme, there is a url which contained the second third. On A Collision, there was a url which contained the first part hidden on the second-to-last page of the liner notes. After a while, they put the entire song together at the A Collision link; however, neither of the links work anymore.

Album relations

According to Crowder, each DC*B album is related to another, like this:

The 1st Album, Can You Hear Us?, is somehow related to the 4th album Remedy. The 2nd album, Illuminate, is related to the 5th album, Church Music. The 3rd album, A Collision, is related to the 6th album, Give Us Rest. This is intended to be in concordance with the fact that in creation, the 1st day is related to the 4th day, in that the 1st day is "let there be light", and on the 4th, the sun, moon and stars were created.

The relationship between the 3rd and 6th is that they're both centered on death, if you know the relationships for the other ones please contact me.

Good Readers

At the end of the "Thank You" section of the liner notes on every DCB full-length album except for Give Us Rest, there is a sentence that goes somewhat like this:"Thank you, the reader, for proving the power of the written word. Claim your prize here:" following which is a url. The good readers would be various things like certificates to a meet & greet with the band, exclusive songs, videos, etc. None of the urls work anymore, however.


The Asterisk

David Crowder* Band has always been styled with an Asterisk after the words David Crowder. The band has never cared to reveal the meaning of it. One theory is that it represents the other band members. In a Rockumentary, Dave joked that it stood for "David Crowder* *is about to go insane because Jack Parker continually tries to sabotage the work of the rest of the* Band"

TDA's sound studio is also titled "Asterisk Sound", and sometimes The Digital Age is shown as TD*A.

Give Us Rest tiles

The liner notes for the album Give Us Rest fold out into nine different images, 5 of them representing the other DC*B albums, 2 of them representing the pre-DCB albums, 1 which is a 7, and one which is simply the album's front cover. There is some debate over if the ordering of them is significant, what they represent, etc. The band also released a video showing the tiles, (pictured below) and some believe there is also significance in the ordering of them in the video. If you have any ideas surrounding this, contact me. 

Fibonacci numbers

A theory of my own. 

  • The numbers 21 and 34, (numbers of tracks in DCB albums), as well as being related to the number 7, are Fibonacci numbers. 
  • In the book Everybody Wants to go to Heaven, But Nobody Wants to Die, there is an illustration showing Pebbles + Nettles = 1.61803398... which is The Golden Ratio. To more fully understand this, you have to read the book; this is another reference to the whole 3+4=7 thing. However, The Golden Ratio is also related to Fibonacci numbers, as explained here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_ratio#Relationship_to_Fibonacci_sequence
  • Note: I forget exactly how all this Fibonacci stuff works, and I very well could have gotten it wrong.
  • More? Contact me and tell me about them.

Give Us Rest Equations (partially solved)

There are several equations on the front cover of Give Us Rest. Here they are and what they mean:

  • 1.66 x10^-27kg = One atomic mass unit.
  • 1 cm^-1 = 3.52 × 10^-41 kg = Inverse Compton wavelength;  the mass of a very small particle may be identified with its inverse Compton wavelength
  • F = G*m1m2/r2 = Law of Universal Gravitation. There is a line coming from the G which points to the equation 6.67 x 10^-11 kg ^-1 m^3 s^2; that is equal to the gravitational constant G.
  • W = mg is the equation for weight, the line coming from the g points to 9.81 ms^2, which is what g equals on earth, i.e., our weight on earth, or the earth pulling at our feet (in "The Lark Ascending" from A Collision, Dave says, "...but the ground pulls at my feet.")
The hummingbird on the front cover likely represents infinity or eternity, as the hummingbird commonly has due to the fact that its wings move in the shape of an infinity symbol. 
This was discussed on a thread on Bwacks forum, and youaremyjoy came up with a pretty good explanation:

"I think we are dealing w/ a transition here. From Newtonian Physics, constant mass as a particle with gravitation being a "force"; to relativity/quantum mechanics where we have the wave-particle duality (all particles exhibit wave and particle like behavior). Wave like behavior is used to describe light (wavelength).

So for Newtonian physics the velocity at which a mass can travel is minute compared to the speed of light, so that as the velocity increases the increase in mass is negligible.

But, with relativity (E=mc^2) as the velocity of a mass approaches the speed of light, the mass approaches..... infinity.

So we have invariant mass, or "rest mass", in the equation E=mc^2. E being energy, m being mass and c being the speed of light. But if we bring wavelength, (lambda), we need the Planck constant, h, to come up with the the Planck-Einstein equation...E=(hc)/(lambda). Where (lambda)v = c, and v being frequency.

So, with general relativity as a mass moves away from the center of a gravitation field its velocity increases, or if it is light its frequency increases.

So we have a mass escaping "gravity" to reach infinite mass (or become light)."

A Mass at rest, I might add, or, A Requiem Mass in C. C, i.e., the speed of light. This may also be related to the Lark Ascending from A Collision.

Another concept from the thread:
" 1) humming birds can hover or fly forwards and backwards, and is the only bird that can do this. Could be symbolic of transcending time and space.

2) they, the hummingbirds, expend lots of energy to do this, the hovering and transcending, so they get tired. they can fall into such a deep sleep that the fall upside down on a branch and cannot be awakened until the morning sun shines on them and warms their bodies.

Church Music

The Nearness/ The Veil

On the back cover of Church Music, the titles of The Nearness and The Veil are in a different font than the other song titles, possibly indicating they're related.


In the background of the song Church Music - Dance (!), there is a speak-and-spell spelling out various things. While I admit that I have never been able to hear it myself, other people clearly can. This was discussed in a thread on Bwack's Forum, and this is what they came up with:

s-h-o-u-t shout it from your l-u-n-g-s
oh we s-i-n-g-i-t-l-o-u-d
and DO you hear me?
do you know we're dancing to the (beat)
oh we m-o-v-e-o-u-r feet to the (danceee)

Chronology of Church Music

Each track in the album includes some sort of reference to the history of music in the church, going in chronological order. Here are the ones I know:
Phos Hilaron......the oldest hymn still in use
Alleluia, Sing.......
The Nearness......
Eastern Hymn......the chorus predominantly features the tri-tone, which was banned by the pope in the middle ages
SMS [Shine]......
The Veil......
We Are Loved......
All Around Me......
How He Loves......
Can I Lie Here......
Birmingham (We Are Safe)......Intentional ironic reference to Civil rights movements in Birmingham, Alabama in the 1960's 
Church Music - Dance (!)......disco music, i.e. the 1970's
What A Miracle......
Oh, Happiness......Modern christian music? Maybe?
God Almighty, None Compares......
In The End (O Resplendent Light)......